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Tools for Software Quality

In this blog we have seen many different processes that help us ensure that our software is a quality software. But performing all of those processes manually without the help of any tool would end up being an enormous task. Thankfully there are multiple tools that help us perform those processes and we will talk…

Software Testing

Software testing is one of the most important activities in the life cycle of any software, since with it we can detect easily if the software works or if it doesn’t. Software Testing is a process in which you perform evaluations of the software and the system to check if it follows the requirements, works…

Software Review

Performing a software review, something vital in the life of any programmer. Something we do often, maybe to help a friend or even to review our own code. Reviewing is vital to ensure that we don’t have unexpected bugs due to typos or stuff we missed. In the industry, they also perform software review but…

The Two V’s (Verification and Validation)

What does Verification and Validation mean? Both concepts are crucial to mantain good software quality that complies with the standards we talked about before. But we have to understand what each concept means, and what are their differences before we dive deep into them. Let’s see their formal definitions according to the IEEE-STD-610: Verification :…

Let’s talk about software standards and models

As I talked on my previous post, there are software standards and models, a large amount of them in fact. They are useful to serve as a sort of guiding light for our software that helps us bring quality to it. The best part is that you don’t even have to adhere and “marry” with…

What makes a good Software

We all have heard about Software Quality, how important it is, and its relevance on the industry, but do we really know what is Software Quality? If we don’t understand its basic elements we can’t implement it on our Software. What is Software Quality? I’m sure we have all developed a software which works fine,…

My first post for the TC3045 Class

This post is a placeholder for the TC3045 class, later it will be filled with some of the stuff I have learned in this class about Software Testing and Development.

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