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Ari’s First Tech Blog

Welcome to my Tech Blog! Here I will be posting interesting stuff I learn or do related to Computer Science!

Latest from the Blog

Tools for Software Quality

In this blog we have seen many different processes that help us ensure that our software is a quality software. But performing all of those processes manually without the help of any tool would end up being an enormous task. Thankfully there are multiple tools that help us perform those processes and we will talk…

Software Testing

Software testing is one of the most important activities in the life cycle of any software, since with it we can detect easily if the software works or if it doesn’t. Software Testing is a process in which you perform evaluations of the software and the system to check if it follows the requirements, works…

Software Review

Performing a software review, something vital in the life of any programmer. Something we do often, maybe to help a friend or even to review our own code. Reviewing is vital to ensure that we don’t have unexpected bugs due to typos or stuff we missed. In the industry, they also perform software review but…

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